Due to its outstanding knowledge of the market, Onterra Invest can offer services along the overall value chain of successful real estate investments

Market advisory:

  • Introduction and explanation of the overall real estate market and the specific sub-segments
  • Disclosure of local market opportunities, according to the needs and possibilities of the investor

Search and identify potential investments:

  • Analyzing the opportunities and risks of each individual potential property
  • Clarifying the legal and zoning status of the properties
  • Negotiate with the vendors and the agents to achieve the best price for the investor

Property management services:

  • Introduction to international experienced tax advisers and accountants
  • Advisory on incorporating of Canadian corporations
  • Facility Management, including tenant agreements and other day to day services
  • Frequent review of the properties, monitoring the local political and structural changes around the properties

Rezoning and development services:

  • Rezoning of the properties to higher valued use of the land
  • Building site preparation

Sale related services:

  • Advisory on specific exit strategies and the timeline
  • Advisory on legal steps for sale closing in collaboration with lawyers and solicitors

Additional services:

  • Co-investments
  • Advisory on credit financing in collaboration with banks and lending institutions


For our services we require a minimum investment amount of 1 Million Dollars.

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