Investment Focus

Geographical we are focused on Southern Ontario:

  • One out of every three Canadian lives here
  • Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is the fastest growing agglomeration in North America and is the 5th largest urban region in Canada and the U.S.
  • Ontario has no restrictions against foreign investors, in contrast to other Canadian provinces (Manitoba and Saskatchewan)
  • Development Land
    • steady development and expansion of the communities through population growth and qualified immigration (government forecast: 50% population growth within the next 25 years)
Source: Statistics Canada
Greater Toronto Area (GTA)5,798,1006,012,3006,292,2006,815,4007,954,3008,539,6009,121,200
  • Industrial and office properties
    • GTA is the largest market for industrial and office properties in Canada (According to DTZ Barnicke: over 760 Million sq.ft. industrial, and over 128 Million sq.ft. office space)
    • Most of the larger companies in the country have their headquarters in GTA which means good solid potential tenants
    • Low vacancy rate for commercial space (According to DTZ Barnicke: around 8.50% in 2010; compared to 16.4% in the US-Market)
    • the market is relatively stable compared to the other North American markets, even during the financial crisis 2008/09
    • Excellent transportation infrastructure with an efficient highway system, excellent rail cargo access to the U.S. Markets and the largest container port facility on the Great Lakes
  • Ontario Farmland
    • Shakeout in farm industry from small sized farms (100 – 400 acres) to larger industrial farms (1000 – 5000 acres)
    • About 25% of the farmers will retire in the next decade – this makes prime quality farmland available for investors
    • The price for prime farmland is relatively modest (3000 -7000 CAD/acre) according to international markets
    • In the last three years farmland values in Ontario increased at an average of 6.2% per year, notwithstanding the global difficulties in the financing sector since 2008 (source: Farm Credit Canada)
    • Excellent soil qualities in Farmland and stable climatic conditions
    • Ontario has a strong growing food and aliment industry and needs more agricultural commodities (The food industry is the top Manufacturing Sectors by Employment in the GTA)
    • Additional demand for energy crops with an increase in renewable energy generation in Canada supported by governmental Initiatives


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