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This material is provided in response to your request for information and is based on confidential information and data. This material has been prepared solely for informational purposes, and is not appropriate and may not be used for any other purposes. Any analysis set forth herein is a prospective estimate based upon certain assumptions, should not be considered a bid, and is not an offer to buy or sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security or instrument or to participate in any trading strategy, or an estimate of any bid or offer price at which Onterra Invest AG or any other buyer might be willing to execute a transaction. Any analysis set forth herein may have been generated using a third-party vendor’s model, a Onterra model or a combination thereof based upon third party and/or internal Onterra data. If an offer of securities is made, it shall be made to eligible investors pursuant to the offering memorandum prepared by or on behalf of the issuer which would contain additional information not contained herein including risk factors and tax consequences, and which shall supersede this information in its entirety.

Onterra Invest does not guarantee the accuracy of any information set forth herein, makes any warranty and is not responsible for losses or damages arising out of errors, omissions or changes in any portion of this information. Onterra Invest AG is not offering any direct legal services. The information set forth herein reflects the judgment of and/or calculations by Onterra Invest (using its own proprietary or third-party models) as of a specific time, and is preliminary and subject to change without notice and without any obligation to update or correct. The contents of this document are indicative and are subject to change without notice. This analysis may be based on the market value or historic default rates of other comparable investments or such other factors as Onterra Invest determines to be reasonable or appropriate under current market conditions or as expressly specified by you. The assumptions, parameters, methodologies and information used are not the only ones that might reasonably have been selected by Onterra Invest. Changes to the assumptions could affect the results presented. Accordingly, no representation is made that any results indicated will be achieved or that all assumptions have been considered.

This analysis is confidential and should not be disclosed to any party other than the recipient and any person retained to advise the recipient. Distribution of this information to any persons other than the person receiving this electronic transmission and their respective agents, and any persons retained to advise the person receiving this electronic transmission is unauthorized. Any photocopying, disclosure or alteration of the contents of the information or any portion thereof by electronic mail or any other means to any person other than the person receiving this electronic transmission is prohibited. By accepting delivery of this information, the recipient agrees to the foregoing.

This document is intended for your sole use on the basis that before entering into this, and/or any related transaction, you will ensure that you fully understand the potential risks and return of this, and/or any related transaction and determine it is appropriate for you given your objectives, experience, financial and operational resources, and other relevant circumstances. You should consult with such advisors as you deem necessary to assist you in making these determinations. Onterra Invest will not act as your advisor or owe any fiduciary duties to you in connection with this, and/or any related transaction and no reliance may be placed on Onterra Invest for advice or recommendations of any sort. Onterra Invest makes no representations or warranties with respect to the information and disclaims all liability for any use you or your advisors make of the contents of this document. Onterra Invest AG and its affiliates, connected companies, employees or clients may have an interest in financial instruments of the type described in this document and/or related financial instruments.
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You may contact us on any data protection issues:

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